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Poor VA Health Care for Our Veterans
Thank You Soldier Blog
I Am legend (A Tribute to Our Military)
Nation In Peril
Gulf War Veteran
Pyro Agent
Keep My Soldier Safe
What would our Forefathers Do?
Char Tierney
Freedom Blog
Save the Colors
Flag Protection
Military Motivator
Stop The ACLU!
Smoke Signals Blog
Rants Of The Conservative Mind
Wisconsinites for Bush
Editors In Pajamas
Mark Roxberry
League of Extraordinarily Conservative Gentlemen
Princess Kimberley
The Rinse Cycle
Allen Family Circus
Bittersweet Me
Petrified Truth
She Who Will Be Obeyed
Mountaineer Musings
Dizzy Girl
Louisiana Conservative
Patriotism 101
Citizen Smash - The Indepundit
Fahrenheit 9/11 or Fahrenhype 9/11... You decide
An American Soldier
Sgt. Stryker
Blogs of War
A Minute Longer - A Soldier's Tale
Alpaca Burger Forum
The Horrors of an Easily Distracted Mind
Mark A. Kilmer's Political Annotation
California Yankee
Free Will
Daly Thoughts
The Templar Pundit
RareKate Writes
Captain's Quarters
Not Perfection
The World Of Tomorrow
Midwest Rightwingers
Four Right Wing Wackos
Southern Appeal
Esoteric * Diatribe
Chuck's Daily Blog
Cadet Happy
The Fall of Jericho
Window Manager
Soccer Dad
Everyday Thoughts Collected
The Royal Flush
Power Pundit
Mr. Blonde's Garage
Little Red Blog
The Ponderosa
Just A Girl
Aaron's Rantblog
Patio Pundit
Bo Cowgill.com
DANEgerous Weblog
New England Republican
Yoshi's Blog Spot
Random Ramblings from Southern CA
Opinionated Bastard
Pardon My English
Evilwhiteguy's Blog
Viking Pundit
Barking Moonbat Early Warning System
The Forest for the Trees
Colby and Beyond!
Julie Neidlinger
A Collection of Thoughts
In The Bullpen
Iowa Geek
Mind of Mog
Right Side of the Rainbow
So Random
Slant Point
What's Bruin
Outwit, Outblog, Outsnark
epollarity Weblog
Bunker Mulligan
Joefish's Freshwater Blog
My Pet Jawa
Mossback's Lunch
Mickey's Musings
Rob Bernard
Grim's Hall
Memento Moron
My Domestic Church
Mark the Pundit
Knowledge Is Power
The Question Fairy
Sweet Surprise
Liberty Century
Reasonable Force
Josh Ferguson
SixHertz House of Pain
Right Thoughts
The Galvin Opinion
A Small Victory
Spare Change
Daniel W. Casey's Blog
Weapons of Mass Discussion
The (Vast) Right Wing Conspiracy
Dean's World
The Hedgehog Report
Baseball Crank
Avoiding Evil
Broken Masterpieces
Who Tends The Fires
Da Goddess
Kitchen Network
Back of the Envelope
The Evangelical Outpost
The Pink Flamingo Bar & Grill
The Maryland Moderate
Backcountry Conservative
Erika For President
Doubleplusgood Infotainment
I Have A Crazy Wife
Miller's Time
Lockjaw's Lair
Intermittent Stream
Bush Over Kerry
Political Blog For The Politically Incorrect
Bad Hair Blog
All Things Jen(nifer)
Mudville Gazette
Neophyte Pundit
Down to the Piraeus
The SmarterCop
Notes & Musings
Florida Cracker
Freedom of Thought
Blogs Of War
The Transplanted Texan
Alamo Nation
Confessions Of A Political Junkie
Conservative Eyes
Little Tiny Lies
Manifest Content
La Shawn Barber's Corner
The Politicker
Ben's World
Right On Red
Erica's Dreams
Uptown Girl
Balloon Juice
The Flying Space Monkey Chronicles
My Imagination
Overtaken By Events
Say Anything
Right Wing Crackpot
Left Coast Conservative
Push Button Politics
Right Voices
Coffee Swirls
William Webb
Random Thoughts From a Confused Mind
Pinwheels and Orange Peels
The Discerning Texan
Pennsylvanian In Exile
Right Wing Nut Jobs Unite!
The American Way
Kilabe's Hive
Marlo's Musings
kyer: animal? vegetable? mineral?
Quotes, Thoughts, And Other Ramblings
News from the Cave
James' Web Journal
American RealPolitik
The Country Pundit
Bogus Gold
Conservative Chris
Living In The Surreal World
Right-Wing & Right Minded
The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth
The Baby Seal Club
My Political Rants
Liberty Log
Daily Pundit
Vices & Virtues
Thinking Right
The Key Monk
Sighed Effects
Wonder Mom
Cut to the Chase
Witty Venom
Punic Treachery
Markedmanner Blog
Blog Beach
Misplaced Keys
Tip & Tricks Blog
Shaking Spears
Right Writings
I Have a Crazy Wife
Digital Marine

In Memoriam

Corporal Patrick "Pat" D. Tillman

(Born November 6, 1976

Died April 22, 2004)

He was a true American hero.

He was a patriotic Army Ranger.

God bless America!

God bless Pat Tillman!

Please remember the adage:
"Support our troops... Because freedom is not FREE!"

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Please visit the following patriotic links:

Military Wives Website - Often left behind but NEVER forgotten
Military oriented website specifically for wives and families of military personnel. This site will teach you about the United States Armed Forces with knowledge on ranks, medals, and much more.

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